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De Klok Fulfilment & Warehousing

Vortex Logistics works closely with De Klok Logistics national and intricate transportation and De Klok Fulfilment & Warehousing.

Do you still remember that time? When service was all about what YOU needed or wanted? We used to call it customization, nowadays fulfilment. But fulfilment has slowly sunk into ‘package thinking’: now you have to pick A, B or C. At Vortex Logistics, we want and can still offer custom work. Almost nobody knows that volume fulfilment trajectories can be designed in various ways, always adapted to the needs of the customer.

Your wishes are important for De Klok Fulfilment & Warehousing. Because the clearer they are, the smarter the trajectories we design for you. Together, we work on a thought-out plan of action, aimed at the fulfilment that seamlessly fits your business and needs.

De Klok Fulfilment & Warehousing ensures that what you promise to your customers is realized. In the Netherlands, we have more than 65.000 square meters of storage at our disposal, combined with solid people and equipment without intervention of third parties. With 35 experienced employees, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Offer us a fulfilment challenge and we’ll roll up our sleeves for you. Get in touch with us today.